Elevate your establishment with branded leathergoods for every space.

From bedrooms to bar, we craft cohesive luxury.

Bespoke Luxury: Elevate Every Corner

Step into the world of bespoke luxury with our full suite of branded leathergoods, tailored to elevate every corner of your exceptional property, from the serene bedrooms and deluxe suites to the vibrant restaurant, bar, and welcoming lounge and reception areas.

Functionality Meets Elegance

Imagine the seamless fusion of functionality and elegance as each piece, meticulously crafted with our signature attention to detail, brings your vision to life.

Cohesive Sophistication

Whether it’s menu boards, wine lists, bill folders, dessert menus, guest information folders, visitor books, coasters, or any other bespoke item, we ensure a cohesive and sophisticated look across all your spaces.

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Browse our selection below:

1001 A4 Menu Cover

SKU 1001

1019 A5 Menu Cover

SKU 1019

1203 Wine List

SKU 1203

1005 A4 Slim Wine List Cover

SKU 1005

1003 Slim Menu Cover

SKU 1003

1117 A3 Menu Board / Information Board

SKU 1117

1025 Bill Folder

SKU 1025

1074 A6 Notepad Holder

SKU 1074

1068 A4 Visitor Book

SKU 1068

1218 A4 Guest Information Folder

SKU 1218

1142 A5 Guest Information Folder

SKU 1142

1056 DND Sign Door Hanger

SKU 1056

KF-K Key Fob


CT55 Key Fob


C90 Coaster


C98-SQr Coaster


M215 Table Mat / Tray Liner

SKU M215

1192 A6 Well Notepad Holder

SKU 1192

1041 A4 Blotter

SKU 1041

1164 Conference Box

SKU 1164

1090 Pen Pot

SKU 1090

1097 Tissue Box Cover

SKU 1097

1007 Metal Bin

SKU 1007

Unforgettable Experiences: Tradition Meets Flair

With an extensive colour palette and various designs that blend tradition with contemporary flair, and the option for personalised branding, our leathergoods transform every touchpoint into an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Experience the difference firsthand as we design and hand-craft exquisite creations, forging a partnership that transcends mere suppliers, as we share in the journey of enhancing your establishment’s charm and allure.


We stock a varied choice of solid saddle hides and natural calf leathers, recycled and bonded leathers, responsibly sourced from the Highlands and Europe


With dozens of cutters already held in our vast library, we can produce many different shapes and sizes of products.

Personalisation & after care

We offer debossing services for a wide range of clients’ own leather, faux leather or PU products, including coasters, key fobs, place mats and more.

For a comprehensive quote call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We can assist you from the design process to our after service-care; find out more about our customisation options.

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