David Jones


“The variety of running Tudor Jones & Co really excites me. My role can be so diverse. On any given day I might be working on sales, fixing machinery, cutting wood or working on the production line.”

Stephanie Jones

Office Manager

I’m back to what I know best—managing the accounts and assisting with the business. Having been in the industry for 40 years with Tudor, it gives me great pleasure to contribute to the future generation of a company I’ve always loved.

Alison Lambert

Factory Manager

“I learned so much from Colin and Tudor and I’ve surprised myself that now I’m teaching the next generation of makers. I have to be reminded how much we have achieved each week, even as I’m packing up boxes ready for despatch.”


Senior Leatherworker

I’ve seen some changes over the years, but one thing that has never changed is the fun I have working alongside Alison. Everyday there’s something different to do and after nearly 40 years I am still learning new skills.



I have enjoyed learning the skill of leatherworking. It’s all about precision and following instructions. It’s very satisfying seeing a product that I made packed up at the end of the day ready to send to the customer.



Although I haven’t mastered the skills of the craft yet, I’m still kept busy with preparing the materials ready for the rest of the team. Who knew that gluing out leathers or linings would be so difficult!