We provide swatches, samples, visuals and prototypes prior to production and produce an intricate brass block for branded personalisation.

All our items are bespoke and handmade in our factory in Broadstairs, Kent, manufactured from high quality genuine leathers; with an extensive range of colours, linings and fitments held in stock, to help avoid manufacturing delays.

We can replicate products and source specific colours and leathers to match your existing stock or brand requirements.

We also work with clients’ own materials and offer debossing services for clients’ own leather, faux leather or PU products.

We expect our products to last many years and as part of our after-care service we offer a full deep clean and refurbishment service to complement the longevity of our products.

Branding leathergoods

Debossing Logos

We create brass die blocks of your logo in order to perfectly recreate your brand on leathergoods again and again and again. We apply a one-off charge for each block and hold a library of blocks for all our customers’ businesses over the past 40 years.

Debossing Foil Logos

We create artwork and die block services to deboss foil logos directly on to leather and faux leather menu covers, wine lists, bill presenters, folders and more. We also offer blind blocking (deeper debossing with no foil).

Beyond gold and silver

We hold a wide range of colourful foils in stock. This is your moment to let your brand shine in full colour. We are happy to provide advice on the successful choice of fabrics and foils.


Adding hardware

Feel like throwing us a googly? It’s okay, you won’t catch us out. We added key chain hardware to their mini-cricket balls.

Textured materials

Clients sometimes find their own materials. We will advise you on how to achieve the best result with textured materials – including debossing with foil too.

Visuals & samples

In addition to creating a bespoke die block for your logo, we can also create artwork visuals to confirm the layout of your products. For new items, we can also provide swatches, foil tests (see Polar Bears above) and create sample prototypes. This is a cost-effective way of ensuring the final product meets your expectations.

Hardware & fitments

We can help you create your ideal product using a wide range of hardware and fitments, such as 2, 3 or 4 hole D-ring mechanisms, clipboard mechanisms, magnetic fastenings, gilt corners and more.

Bespoke design

Our client wanted an extra large brochure rack. They provided the measurements, we did the rest…

Featuring non-leather items

Vellum paper

Give your clients a sense of occasion when they sign in to your establishment with personalised vellum paper for your signing in and comments books.

Plastic wallets

Expand your menu – add A4 or A5 clear wallets between your covers. Hold them in place with your choice of silver or gold tassels.

Hotel accessories

We can provide reception pens and other branded hotel accessories including ice buckets, waste paper bins, tissue boxes and tea trays with liners.


Choose gold or silver tassels to add a flourish to your menu covers or wine lists.

Tab dividers

Elevate your guest folders with personalised tab dividers to organise information using your own words.

deep cleaning & material cutting

After care

Our leathergoods are made to last, but after years (decades, sometimes), your menu covers, folders and bill presenters might look a little tired and in need of a deep clean? Maybe the ring mechanism is loose or an elastic loop has frayed? We offer a full after care service on all Tudor Jones & Co leathergoods.

Cutting edge

We can cut materials that you supply or we can order for you from our top quality suppliers. We hold hundreds of cutting knives and can order special shapes and sizes to fit your requirements.