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At times, clients have a clear idea of what they desire. However, leather, with its unique characteristics, follows its own set of rules.

This is precisely why we value conversations with our clients – to delve into your vision and better understand the intended purposes of the products we craft.

Guiding Your Bespoke Design

We proudly offer a complete bespoke design service. We understand that the numerous choices available can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive blueprint, to effortlessly guide you through the variations on offer, starting with leather choices and layout styles.

Making Jargon Clear

We know that industry terms can be confusing: To make things simple, we not only show you the most popular internal components below but also explain where each one works best.

Join us as we embark on a journey of tailor-made excellence and explore the world of bespoke design.

Opt for Sylish Hidden Interscrew Fitments :

Perfect for your seasonal menu selections. Add retaining triangles for your Du Jour menu.

Please note that if you update your menus often, these may not be the most convenient choice due to their intricate nature.

Choose The Trusty Ring Mechanism:

An ideal choice for guest directories and conference folders, especially when pages are often replaced. We also provide 2-hole and 3-hole options with different capacities.

Select an External Interscrew Fitment

Suitable for a slender cover presentation. Be aware this option won’t lay flat when open.

Choose an Integral Elastic Cord Fitment.

Perfect for securing one or two pages. Include internal corners or pockets to hold additional pages.


Did you know ‘bespoke’ originally meant custom-made clothing?

Tailors used to ‘reserve’ specific fabric bolts for unique garments. Today, bespoke goes beyond fashion, including fine leather goods and personalised interiors. Join us to explore bespoke design’s evolution!

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