Published On: September 14, 2023Categories: Journal, Craftsmanship Chronicles0.8 min read

We produced bespoke leather blotters for Firmdale Hotels in dark brown Safia Leather with a dark brown suede lining

Description of product

On a wooden base with 25mm hole, 40mm from top edge for easy access. Finished with two 70mm leather side panels, and two 20mm leather strips top and bottom.

Includes a removable insert W455mm x H255mm with four 70mm leather corners on one side and full soft leather on the reverse side.

Product part way through production, showing the suede lining and access hole

Finished blotter, going through final quality checks

Finished product showing the suede underside of insert with four leather retaining triangles.


They originally used the tanning process to make the skin’s outer ‘grain’ side look great.

But guess what?

They figured out that even the skins with messed-up grain sides could be turned into something cool – suede! They just had to process the underside and wear it inside-out. That’s how suede leather got its start!

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